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Thursday, June 28, 2012


Almost invariably, when Rexxfield catches anonymous smear campaigners and disclose them to the full light of day for public scrutiny, we invariably make new enemies. This is to be expected because these individuals are fueled by pride and rage. Hence, when we expose them, they need to retaliate.

For several years I have been observing the business practices of Ed Magedson, the founder and owner of I even did some work for him on a court case where he was suing one of his competitors. Although I basically executed the duties dictated by my mandate, that is, consulting arrangement, I did learn a lot about Ed and his character. Had it not been for recent events when Ed targeted me and my company with a particularly vicious smear campaign, I would have taken the secrets to my grave as dictated by professional ethics. Notwithstanding, his recent decisions to target me is a game changer.

The video below is a brief exposé on how Ed Magedson makes millions of dollars of profit through other people's pain; those being people who have had unfounded smear campaigns leveled against them and Ed sits back and rakes in the money. Ed doesn't like what I'm doing, and I don't blame him, but it does not justify what he is doing to my family at this time.

Complete this form and join the victims group; we are about to launch a major legal assault to shut the website down:

In late 2011, Ed Magedson contracted Darren Meade, a “Reputation-Hit-Man” to launch the smear campaign mentioned herein above. I won't bother going into too much detail here but if you're interested you can simply “Google me”.

Join our Victims Group, we are getting organized; we're going to shut Ed Magedson down.  Complete this form and join the victims group as we are about to launch a major legal assault to shut the website down:

If you're interested, you can subscribe to this blog or check back frequently for updates. Hopefully soon we'll have some fresh news on the civil and criminal conspiracy and be able to give you a better idea of what to expect with in the future.

Prospective clients are invited to request a detailed response to the allegations so that they can critically assess the evidence.

We are committed to persuading search engines, ISP's and blog administrators to be good corporate citizens with respect to the plight of the victims of internet libel, online defamation, harassment, bullying and threats.

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Drew Malesky said...

Hi Mike, I'm a big fan of the work you are doing. I'm glad someone of your caliber is going after these criminals and cyberthugs. I'd love to talk to you about my predicament, do you have an email?
mine is

Duncan said...

I think pressure on Google is the way to bring about the demise of RoR and other copycat cites that are in the defamation and related extortion business. Congress is entirely dysfunctional, and is unlikely to take on amending the CDA. Plus, I'm a lawyer with some experience with the CDA, and I can't figure out how to draft a safe harbor provision that would work. In any event, this needs to become a pocketbook and PR issue for Google.