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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Are You Enabling Ed Magedson & His Appalling Website Ripoff Report?

Ripoff Report Boycott. This is a legitimate protest and boycott movement. It has been reasonably
Ed Magedson
established that Ed Magedson's "Verified" and other advocacy programs, would be an extortion racket were it not for the existence of a flawed law called section 230C the communications decency act.

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Message to "Ripoff Report Verified" Victims... We Understand...

We understand why you are capitulating to what Attorney Don Bivens referred to as a "a classic shakedown" by Ed Magedson. [Hy Cite Corporation vs. Ed Magedson, et al].

However, those of us who refuse to submit to his schemes are being injured by your financial contributions to his 'business'; you are fuelling his legal offensives, his ego, and his agenda. As an enabler, you are effectively Ed's friend. We don't like Ed, and we don't like his friends. As such, we feel that it is in the public's best interest to offer you an alternative which will help you sleep better at night.

Stop Feeding The Pig...

No doubt, your financial resources have been negatively impacted by Ripoff Report. If you are unable to afford future payments to Xcentric Ventures, LLC DBA, then we may provide you with access to our powerful website that will allow you to shout as loud as Ed. However, we can only assist you if and when you are no longer making "shakedown" payments to Ed Magedson.

Message to Google AdWord & Direct Ripoff Report Advertisers.

Ed Magedson's Ripoff Report is in my opinion a public menace. If you enable him with your advertising dollars, by commission or omission, you also are a menace.
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Anonymous said...

On March 17, 2014, wrote:

"Actually we are not the hosting provider for We are a security service that protects from scrapers and bots and obfuscates their server IP’s using reverse proxy technology. Ripoffreport is hosted in their own data center on their own hardware. Your notification has been forwarded to them, but since we have no way of taking down the content, you will have to correspond with them directly."

in response to my Digital Millennium Copyright Act Take-Down Notice.

Please add and their clients to your boycott as they are aiding and abetting Internet extortionist Ed Magedson in his criminal enterprise.