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Monday, August 18, 2008

SPIN - How the sociopath can get away with ... well everything.

Your understanding of a sociopath’s expert employment of “SPIN” is singularly the best way to begin to understand the way I and many others have found ourselves so frequently gasping in the wake of carnage left by my antagonist. When executing her anti-social agendas, her modus operandi was to sprinkle enough truth in any given lie to add credence to her deceptions. Alternatively, sometimes she will “kitchen sink it”. That is where she will overdose the performance with too much information; the end result is very muddy waters in which no reasonable person can navigate.
The clinical definition of this tactic is “SPIN”:
  1. The most common referents for spin are:

    1. a way of giving a positive cast to a negative story or;
    2. a way of giving a negative cast to a positive story (whichever is most advantageous to the spinner) or;
    3. a form of deception which tries to redirect the way (or whether) one thinks about an issue.

  2. Spin at its best:

    1. looks like it is addressing an issue directly but is not.
    2. cannot be factually disproved.
    3. uses language that allows “interpretation” so that the spinner can deny lying; an example might be Bill Clinton’s definition of a sexual relationship, although it differed from that of most objective bystanders, it allowed him to redirect the way observers perceived the Lewinski scandal; but in a way that he could not be directly accused of lying.

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