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Thursday, March 12, 2009

How to Identify Anonymous Bloggers

The US First Amendment makes it very clear that anonymous criticism and civil dissent is a privileged (protected) form of free speech. Notwithstanding, it is not absolute; if an anonymous author publishes statements of fact that are deceptive by error (without malice) or maliciously deceptive, the veil of anonymity can be pierced and rightly so.

The suggestion of cart blanche and absolute protection of all anonymous speech under the guise of "net neutrality", justified, malicious or otherwise is absurd. It is reasonably presumed that proponents of such notions have never experienced the financial and emotional debilitation of these vicious assaults. The recent advent of anonymous online character defamation mediums compound the victims' carnage exponentially due to the enduring nature of the postings, instant availability through search engines, and the viral republication thereof.

I have posted some more information about How to Identify Anonymous Bloggers

Online Character Defamation - RUTHLESS, SNEAKY & DEVASTATING.

This growing risk of unchecked online defamation should be taken seriously by any person or organization with aspirations to a long and productive existence or career. The efficiency of today’s search engines combined with federal government immunity for re-publishers of libel is a devastating dilemma for those caught in the web.

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