Rexxfield's Michael Roberts


Licensed Private Investigator, Expert Witness,
Digital Forensics Analyst, Electronic Discovery & Litigation Support Consultant

Michael Roberts of Rexxfield has been recognized as the World's first professional "Internet bounty hunter". As a victim of a relentless Internet harassment campaign, Michael had good reason to commit his professional life to catching criminals and cyber bullies hiding a cloak of Internet anonymity. Thankfully, Michael's antagonist was convicted in 2012 and is now serving a life sentence in prison, without the possibility of parole.

Case Studies:

Murder Fugitive Captured.
Rexxfield's Michael Roberts joined, as a civilian agent, in a national manhunt for a murder fugitive in 2013. Michael located the suspect in just 73 minutes, this led to his arrest by US Marshals. Prior to Michael joining the sting operation the suspect had been on the run for almost two-months. In the past Michael coordinated digital forensics and counter-hacking education for the U.S. Air Force, Marines, Army & Navy. Other clients include NATO, Australian military and the United Nations to name just a few. Michael now consults for private and law enforcement clients. [Ref]

Wrongly Accused Released From Jail
In 2012 Michael Roberts was responsible for the release of a single father of two who had been arrested and jailed for 12 days, on very flimsy evidence and without bail, for allegedly sending electronic death threats to his ex-wife. In a sting operation initiated by Michael, the defense team was able to establish that the death threats originated from the so-called victim in order to frame the father. This case has a happy ending in that the man now has custody of the kids.

Client List
Michael has helped bullied children, celebrities, journalist, CEOs and even Heads-of-State and their families. Michael's record time for solving a case was just 17 minutes where an Attorney General in the U.S. had spent $100,000 of taxpayer’s money and used a Grand Jury, in futile attempts to identify an anonymous Tweeter.

Michael has also been responsible for some significant journalistic scoops; he was described by one investigative journalist recently as: "… an absolute secret weapon for any serious reporter." [Ref]

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