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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Online Character Defamation - RUTHLESS, SNEAKY & DEVASTATING.

This growing risk of unchecked online defamation should be taken seriously by any person or organization with aspirations to a long and productive existence or career. The efficiency of today’s search engines combined with federal government immunity for re-publishers of libel is a devastating dilemma for those caught in the web.

PLUG: Rexxfield Online Slander & Libel guardians offer economical and common-sense solutions to mitigate these risks in the short and long term. If the quagmire of litigation is unavoidable we can help your attorneys achieve results faster and more economically than they can alone. However, we can usually achieve results outside the court; often without your antagonist noticing.

Second Plug:
I have also launched a "Search Suppression Service called Please visit the site. If you can justify our professional services, the profits go towards anti-defamation research and activism.

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Nikkie said...
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Anonymous said...

Thank you Micheal for your ongoing pursuit in exposing these criminals,I was going to say tireless pursuit but you must be growing weary by now.People are gradually becoming more aware of these criminals but with much collateral damage and lives ruined along the way. My business has since finished 2years ago and Google played a major role in getting the job done quickly and efficiently by assisting their criminal website ranking them higher then my own business. I will take every opportunity I am ever given to expose Google as being even a bigger problem then these gripe sites.Evil and evil doers will always exist but the regulators are the ones with the most blood on thier hands.People can take this old adage for what is worth and I wouldn't even say where it comes from but (To whom much is given,much is also expected),I still have a faith of my own but certainly none in humanity after this.Thanks again Micheal ..Shaun.