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Monday, January 7, 2019

Investigator Michael Roberts of Rexxfield Catches Murder Fugitive for US Marshalls

Case Study: Rexxfield's Michael Roberts Sets Digital Traps to Catch Murder Fugitive from 8998 miles away.

While Rexxfield CEO Michael Roberts was visiting Australia, he was asked to join a US-Based, multi-agency, national manhunt for murder fugitive Dinkue Brown, who had been evading police in connection with the murder of Luis R. Rodriguez, 26, who was murdered on June 21, 2013. The suspect had been on the run for 2 months prior to Michael joining the investigation.
From his temporary office in Brisbane Australia, Michael was able to trick the fugitive  the fugitive into revealing his exact location in Indiana. This took only 73 minutes using Rexxfield’s proprietary digital tripwire system. This subsequently led to the fugitive's arrest by US Marshals.  
Roberts said that “Brown had been using sophisticated internet proxy servers to obfuscate his location and communications with family and friends. Rexxfield’s system was able to circumvent Brown’s safeguards, which included disposable single-use cell phone SIM cards”. Brown was located in Indiana and subsequently arrested along with two individuals individuals who were harboring him.
Mr. Roberts stated that his team “has a long history of offering pro-bono investigative support for law enforcement globally, particularly for unsolved violent crimes in which modern communication mediums can hold the clues to solving the cases”.
Michael Roberts Rexxfield's Founder licences his e-crime fighting tools to
law enforcement and prosecutors globally.
Michael also secured the release of a father who had been incarcerated for twelve-days, without bail for allegedly sending electronic death threats. As part of a sting operation initiated by Michael at the request of the inmate's mother, Michael was able to prove that the death threats were in fact transmitted by the alleged victim, to herself, in order to frame the jailed man.
Rexxfield spokeswoman, Jasmin Chan, said “His record time for identifying a perpetrator was 17-minutes, it was a case where an Attorney General in the USA had already spent $ 100,000 of tax-payer’s money, with a grand jury and five attorneys, in futile attempts to identify a rogue Tweeter”. She also said that “victims helped by Roberts include school children, celebrities, CEOs and even Heads of State”.

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